Price Home Inspections realizes that purchasing a home represents substantial financial investment.

Let PHI eliminate the uncertainty of your homes physical condition by allowing us to perform an In Depth Home Inspection of your new property.

Price Home Inspections has achieved ACI Certification.  This designation is provided by the NCAA through ASHI and simply put means that you will be receiving the best possible home inspection in Northern Ohio.  The NCAA is the only third party accreditation board that can truly certify an organization for compliance. Unless other parties are truly ASHI Certified no one else can claim to be ASHI, ACI Certified.  Do not take that chance- call us today!


A home inspection is not mandatory and can be refused during contract negotiations. We at PHI highly recommend you elect to have a home inspection performed on your new property. Home inspection fees are considered minimal compared to the cost of repairing previously undiscovered defects within the home.

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FACT: Defects or repair items discovered during a home inspection can easily justify the cost of a quality home inspection. Call or email PHI now and let us schedule your home inspection today.


Price Home inspections wants you to feel comfortable about your new home not only during the inspection but after you have settled in as well.  We offer a free on-site meeting within the first year of home ownership to discuss any questions or situations you may need some assistance with.


Our inspector is ASHI certified which ensures you will be receiving the most comprehensive inspection report in the industry.  As a courtesy to you, we can send you an emailed copy of the most recently completed inspection in order to help you determine if our reporting system will suit your individual needs'.


Gary Price / Inspector

Licensed & Insured